Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs: Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Beagle

When considering adding a furry member to your family, the choice of breed is paramount. While Beagles are often lauded for their adorable looks and friendly nature, there are several compelling reasons why they might not be the right fit for every household.

This post aims to shed light on the challenges of Beagle ownership, providing insights for pet lovers, dog owners, and Basenji enthusiasts on why this breed might be more of a handful than a heartful.

Beagles Are Loud and Noisy

Beagles have a strong vocal cord game, and they’re not afraid to use it. Originally bred as hunting dogs, their howl can carry over long distances, a trait that’s not necessarily conducive to peaceful suburban life or apartment living.

Their barking and howling can be a significant issue for owners (and their neighbors) who prefer a quieter environment.

Beagles Have Serious Separation Anxiety

Beagles thrive on companionship and can struggle with being left alone for long periods. This separation anxiety can manifest in destructive behaviors and incessant howling, making them less than ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles or those who travel frequently.

Their need for constant company and attention can be a daunting commitment for potential pet owners.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs
Beagles Dog

Beagles Are Notoriously Stubborn and Hard to Train

While intelligent, the Beagles have a streak of stubbornness that can make training a challenge. Their strong-willed nature, combined with a nose that constantly leads them on olfactory adventures, can turn obedience training into a test of patience. This breed requires consistent, patient training techniques, and even then, they might choose to follow their instincts over commands.

Beagles Have High Prey Drive and Tend to Run Off

The Beagle’s hunting heritage means they have an inbuilt prey drive that can kick in at the sight or smell of smaller animals. This trait makes off-leash walks risky, as they might dart off after a scent, oblivious to calls to return. Their adventurous spirit can lead to lost dogs or dangerous situations if not carefully managed.

Beagles Shed Like Crazy and Have a Distinctive Smell

Despite their short coat, Beagles are heavy shedders, leaving their hair on furniture, clothes, and pretty much everywhere else. Regular grooming can help manage this issue, but it’s a constant battle. Additionally, Beagles have a distinctive hound smell that some people find off-putting. This odor, combined with their shedding, can make them a poor fit for fastidious pet owners.

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs
Beagles Dog

FAQs About Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs 

Q: Are Beagles good with children?

A: Yes, Beagles are generally good with children, thanks to their gentle and playful nature. However, like with any dog, supervision is recommended.

Q: Can Beagles live in apartments?

A: While possible, Beagles’ loud barking and high energy levels can be challenging to manage in apartment settings.

Q: How long do Beagles typically live?

A: Beagles have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on their health and care.


  • While Beagles are undoubtedly charming and affectionate, their care requires a level of commitment and patience that may not suit everyone’s lifestyle.
  • Their vocal tendencies, separation anxiety, stubbornness, prey drive, shedding, and distinctive smell are factors that potential dog owners should carefully consider.
  • For those seeking a quieter, more low-maintenance companion, other breeds might offer a better fit.
  • Ultimately, understanding Beagle behavior and assessing your ability to meet their needs is crucial in ensuring a harmonious pet-owner relationship.

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