Do American Eskimo Dogs Shed? Answering the Fluffy Question

You’ve been dreaming of getting an American Eskimo Dog for years. Their beautiful white fluffy coats and adorable faces are hard to resist. But there’s one big question on your mind – do they shed a lot? You love the idea of having a fluffy pup, but you don’t want fur covering every inch of your house. Before bringing one of these pups home, you want to know what you’re getting into. Shedding is no small thing when it comes to dogs.

In this article, you’ll get the full scoop on shedding and American Eskimo Dogs. We’ll look at whether they actually shed more than other breeds, what causes shedding, and tips for managing all that fluff. You’ll have all the details to decide if an American Eskimo Dog is the right fit for your lifestyle and home.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Shed? The Short Answer

Yes, American Eskimo dogs shed. Their thick double coat means loose fur flying around is inevitable. But don’t worry, with regular grooming and the right tools, you can minimize shedding and keep your Eskie’s coat clean and tangle-free.

Frequent Brushing is Key

To control shedding, brush your Eskie at least 2-3 times a week. Pay extra attention when they’re blowing their coat before seasonal changes. Use a slicker brush and undercoat rake to remove dead fur from their undercoat and a deshedding tool like an undercoat deshedder for more stubborn tangles. Short, frequent brushing sessions are more effective and pleasant for your dog than marathon grooming.

Bathe Your Eskie Regularly

Bathing your Eskie every 4 to 6 weeks will remove excess dead skin and loose hair before it has a chance to shed. Use a high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner to keep their coat and skin clean and hydrated without stripping essential oils. After bathing, brush your Eskie to detangle and remove any remaining loose fur.

Consider Professional Deshedding Treatments

For heavy shedders, professional deshedding treatments like undercoat stripping can provide relief. Deshedding treatments use specialized tools to remove large amounts of dead undercoat hair. They require professional experience to perform without discomfort, so are best left to a groomer. Treatments provide several weeks of reduced shedding and a tidy coat.

While American Eskimo dogs do shed year-round, with regular grooming and bathing you can minimize loose fur in your home and keep your Eskie comfortable and tangle-free. With time and patience, controlling shedding will become second nature. Now, who’s ready for an Eskie cuddle?

Do American Eskimo Dogs Shed
American Eskimo Dog

Understanding an American Eskimo Dog’s Coat and Shedding Habits

American Eskimo Dogs have a thick double coat, with a soft undercoat and longer guard hairs. This coat helps insulate them from extreme weather, but it also means they shed a lot.

Coat Blowouts

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, Eskies experience coat blowouts where they shed their undercoat in large clumps. During these blowouts, frequent brushing, bathing, and deshedding will be needed to keep the shedding under control.

Regular Shedding

Even when they’re not blowing out their coat, American Eskimo Dogs shed a fair amount year-round. They’re not hypoallergenic dogs and their shedding can trigger allergies. You’ll need to brush an Eskie at least once a week, and more often during peak shedding seasons, to minimize the amount of hair floating around your home.

The Shedding Struggle is Real

Between the coat blowouts and regular shedding, living with an American Eskimo Dog means living with dog hair. Their shedding can be managed with frequent grooming, but it will never be completely eliminated. If you want a dog with little shedding, an Eskie is probably not the breed for you.

Grooming and Bathing

To minimize shedding, brush your Eskie regularly using a slicker brush and undercoat rake. Bathing an Eskie once a month or every other month can also help loosen up dead hair and make brushing more effective. Be sure to thoroughly brush out their coat before bathing to avoid matting.

While American Eskimo Dogs require frequent grooming to control shedding, many owners feel their charming personality and playful spirit make the time spent de-shedding and vacuuming worth it! Proper care and an understanding of what to expect in terms of shedding will help ensure a happy relationship between you and your fluffy companion.

American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog

Tips to Manage an American Eskimo Dog’s Shedding

There are a few things you can do to reduce shedding in American Eskimo dogs. Regular grooming is key. Brush your Eskie several times a week, especially when they’re blowing their coat before summer and winter. Use a slicker brush and undercoat rake to remove loose hair. Bathing your dog weekly or biweekly will also help loosen up dead skin and hair.

Bathe and Brush Regularly

Give your Eskie a bath with a deshedding shampoo and conditioner. The warm water will open up their pores and loosen undercoat and dead skin. Brush thoroughly while blow drying to remove much of the shed hair. Brush again a day or two after bathing to remove any remaining loose hair.

Use a High-Quality Food

A good diet with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids promotes a healthy coat and skin. Consider switching to a dog food formula for cold weather breeds or adding fish oil supplements. A shiny, voluminous coat means there’s more hair to shed, so keeping your Eskie at a healthy weight will also reduce shedding.

Groom Year-Round

Don’t slack on grooming, even in the off-season. Brush and bathe your Eskie regularly year-round to keep shedding under control. When they do blow their coat in the spring and fall, daily brushing and bathing may be needed. It’s a lot of work, but will make a big difference in the amount of hair floating around your home.

Consider Professional Deshedding Treatments

For heavy shedders, professional deshedding treatments several times a year can help. Deshedding tools like undercoat rakes and deshedding combs are very effective at removing loose hair. Groomers can also perform “blow outs” using powerful driers to blast the undercoat loose. These treatments, combined with frequent home grooming, can cut down shedding significantly.

By making grooming a priority and implementing these shedding control tips, you’ll have a cleaner home and a happier, healthier American Eskimo dog. Shedding is inevitable, but with diligent care, it can be managed.

FAQs About Do American Eskimo Dogs Shed

American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog

How can I reduce shedding in my American Eskimo dog?

While you can’t completely eliminate shedding in this breed, there are a few things you can do to reduce loose hair and keep it under control:

  • Brush your Eskie regularly, especially when they are blowing their coat. Aim for 2-3 times a week. Daily brushing is even better. Slicker brushes and undercoats rakes are very effective for removing loose hair.
  • Bathe your Eskie once a month or every other month. Bathing will loosen up dead skin and hair, making it easier to brush out. Be sure to brush thoroughly after bathing to remove as much loosened hair as possible.
  • Consider professional deshedding tools like an undercoat rake or deshedding tool. These specialized tools can remove an amazing amount of loose hair. They do require practice to use properly without irritating the skin, so you may want to have a groomer demonstrate the best techniques.
  • Vacuum frequently and consider a robotic vacuum. With an Eskie in the house, you’ll be vacuuming up hair daily. A robotic vacuum can help keep up with the mess between full vacuuming sessions.
  • Consider supplements with essential fatty acids, like fish oil. Fatty acids promote a healthy coat and skin, which may reduce excess shedding. You should always check with your vet before adding any supplements.
  • Bathe and brush more frequently during seasonal coat blows. In the spring and fall when Eskies shed their winter and summer coats, extra bathing and brushing is needed to keep up with the increased shedding during these periods.


  • So there you have it. American Eskimo dogs do shed, even with their fluffy white coats.
  • But regular brushing and bathing can help control the amount of hair flying around your home.
  • If you’re willing to put in the effort with grooming, this breed can be a fun and affectionate addition to your family.
  • Their playful and outgoing personalities make up for the extra vacuuming you’ll have to do.
  • Just be prepared with lint rollers and keep your floors clean.
  • Then you can fully enjoy all the love and laughter this foofy pup will bring into your life.

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