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Welcome to Ducklin – your number one source for all things duck! We’re a website run by duck enthusiasts who love sharing the joy, curiosity, and quirkiness of our web-footed friends.

Our small (but mighty!) team of writers cover captivating duck topics – from the different breeds of ducks, their unique personalities and behaviors, caring for ducks as pets, wild duck spotting guides, duck recipes, duck crafts and DIY projects, and more. No duck stone is left unturned!

We started Ducklin because we found most information about ducks online too limited or serious. We wanted to create an engaging, lighthearted duck community where people could connect over their waterfowl passion. One filled with equal parts cuteness, fun facts, humor, and heart.

When we’re not writing our feathers off about muscovy ducks or hunting for the perfect punny duck joke – you can find us down at the lake, making friends with the mallards as we toss them treats (they have good taste in snacks, we swear). Waddling alongside us is usually our office duck Butterscotch, providing inspiration and editorial oversight.

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We hope Ducklin becomes your go-to for all things duck – that you find our quacky content uplifting and maybe even learn a thing or two. Because ducks deserve all the love and attention we can give them! Now come join our flock!