The American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix: An Energetic Crossbreed

You love big dogs with lots of energy. But you also want a loyal companion who’s eager to please and easy to train. Meet the American Bulldog Shepherd – the perfect cross between two popular breeds. This hybrid combines the intelligence and trainability of the German Shepherd with the strength and athleticism of the American Bulldog. At 60 to 120 pounds, they’re sturdy dogs who need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Their short, dense coat sheds moderately and requires minimal grooming. Eager to bond with their family, American Bulldog Shepherds make devoted protectors who excel at canine sports. If you’re searching for an energetic, family-friendly dog who’s eager to get active, the American Bulldog Shepherd could be the perfect pet for you.

Origin and History of the American Bulldog Shepherd Mix

The American Bulldog Shepherd mix, also known as the American Shepherd, is a designer dog breed. By breeding an American Bulldog and a German Shepherd, breeders aimed to combine the best traits of these two breeds.

The American Bulldog descends from working bulldogs brought to the U.S. by immigrants in the 17th century. They were used as all-purpose farm dogs, guarding property and herding livestock. The German Shepherd was developed in the late 19th century from various sheepherding dogs. They are highly intelligent, loyal and courageous.

Crossing these breeds resulted in a powerful yet family-friendly companion. The American Shepherd inherits the Bulldog’s stocky build and the Shepherd’s striking coat. Its temperament balances the Bulldog’s gentleness and the Shepherd’s protectiveness.

As a mixed breed, the American Shepherd’s appearance can vary. Typically, it has a broad head, muscular body, and medium-length coat. Coloring includes black, tan, brown, and white. On average, males stand 22-27 inches tall, weighing 70-110 pounds.

While not officially recognized by kennel clubs, the American Shepherd’s desirable qualities have gained popularity. However, prospective owners should research the parental breeds to understand the mix’s needs. With patience, socialization, and training, the American Shepherd can make a devoted lifelong companion.

American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix
American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix

Appearance and Temperament of the American Bulldog Shepherd Mix

The appearance and temperament of the American Bulldog German Shepherd mix can vary, but some characteristics are common in these crossbreeds. 

Physically, these dogs tend to be large, often weighing 70-130 pounds. They usually have a stocky, muscular build with a broad head, alert eyes, and erect ears. Their coat is typically short to medium in length and can be brown, black, tan or white.

In terms of temperament, these mixes are usually intelligent, energetic and loyal. They make great family dogs and guard dogs, as they are protective of their people and property. However, they require daily exercise and attention, or they can become bored and develop behavioral issues.


The American Bulldog Shepherd mix is highly trainable, as both parent breeds are very intelligent and eager to please. Early socialization and obedience training are musts for these energetic, sometimes strong-willed dogs. With patient, positive reinforcement training, these mixes can become well-behaved and devoted companions.

Exercise Needs

This is an active breed that requires daily exercise. Multiple walks, hikes, trips to the dog park and playtime in a yard are all good ways to burn off energy and stimulate these dogs physically and mentally. Without enough activity, these mixes may become restless or even destructive.

If you’re looking for a affectionate, protective family dog, the American Bulldog Shepherd mix could make a great companion. However, be prepared to commit the time and effort required to properly care for this energetic crossbreed. With the right environment and ownership, these dogs can thrive and enrich their families for many years.

American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix
American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix

Training and Exercise Needs for the American Bulldog Shepherd Mix

The American Bulldog Shepherd mix is an energetic crossbreed that requires daily exercise and training to stay happy and healthy.

Physical Activity

This mix needs 60-90 minutes of activity per day to burn off energy and stay in shape. Take your dog for walks, jogs, hikes and play active games like fetch, Frisbee or tug-of-war. Without enough exercise, these dogs can become bored, restless and develop behavioral issues.

Mental Stimulation

In addition to physical exercise, the American Bulldog Shepherd mix needs mental stimulation. Engage your dog’s mind with interactive dog toys that dispense treats, teach them new commands and tricks, and provide opportunities for social interaction. You should also spend plenty of one-on-one time with your dog each day through grooming, play and cuddling.

Obedience Training

Start training your American Bulldog Shepherd mix as early as possible using positive reinforcement techniques like praise, play and treats. Focus on basic obedience commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay’ and ‘come.’ Early socialization is also important – expose your dog to new people, sights and sounds in a controlled, positive setting. With patient, consistent training, this mix can become a well-behaved companion.

Leash Training

The American Bulldog Shepherd mix has a high prey drive, so leash training is essential for control and to prevent chasing. Use a sturdy leash and harness or collar and start training your dog at an early age. Teach them to walk calmly by your side, stop when you stop, and not pull or lunge. With practice and patience, your dog can become a pleasure to walk.

Providing the necessary exercise, training and attention will help ensure your American Bulldog Shepherd mix is a happy, socialized and well-adjusted companion. While they require an active lifestyle, with the right owner these dogs can make very loyal and devoted lifelong friends.

American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix
American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix

Health and Care of the American Bulldog Shepherd Mix

Because the American Bulldog Shepherd mix has two energetic and active parents, their health and exercise needs are substantial. While generally a healthy breed, routine vet care is important to monitor for potential issues.

Diet and Exercise

Feed your Bulldog Shepherd a high-quality dog food formulated for large breeds, with healthy grains and real meat as the first ingredients. Two to three cups of food per day, split into two meals, is typical for a dog this size. Be careful not to overfeed, as this crossbreed is prone to obesity.

Providing plenty of exercise is key to keeping your Bulldog Shepherd mix happy and healthy. Aim for at least an hour of activity per day, such as walks, jogs, hikes, fetch, or other play. Without enough stimulation, behavior problems can develop. Keep interactive dog toys on hand for mental stimulation on days when activity is limited.


The short coat of the Bulldog Shepherd requires minimal grooming. Brush once a week to remove loose hair and distribute oils, and bathe only as needed. Check and clean their ears regularly to prevent infection, and trim their nails if they don’t wear them down naturally. Daily tooth brushing is ideal to prevent dental disease, which both parent breeds are prone to.

Health Issues

Some conditions to be aware of include hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, cherry eye, allergies, and certain cancers. Early diagnosis of any health issues through routine vet checks and diagnostics is key.

Your energetic and social Bulldog Shepherd mix will keep you on your toes, but with the proper diet, exercise, grooming, and veterinary care, you’ll have a happy and healthy companion by your side for many years. Spending time with your dog each day, training and socializing them from an early age, will help ensure they develop into well-adjusted and well-mannered family members.

American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix
American Bulldog and Shepherd Mix

Finding and Choosing an American Bulldog Shepherd Mix Puppy

If after learning about this energetic crossbreed, you’re ready to welcome an American Bulldog Shepherd Mix into your home, it’s time to start searching for a reputable breeder.

Check Local Shelters and Rescues

There are many mixed-breed dogs in need of a forever home. Check with shelters and rescues in your area to adopt an American Bulldog Shepherd Mix. They often have puppies and young dogs available and can help match you with a dog that will fit well with your lifestyle. Adopting is a great way to give a deserving dog a second chance.

Research Trusted Breeders

If you prefer to buy from a breeder, do your homework to find one that is responsible and caring. Look for breeders that health test their breeding dogs, offer health guarantees, and care about the long term well-being of their puppies. Ask for references from previous buyers and check them.

Visit and Interview

Once you’ve found some promising breeders, visit them in person if possible. Meet the breeder and their dogs to get a feel for the environment. Ask about health testing, how often the dogs are bred, how puppies are socialized, and what support they offer. A good breeder will also interview you to make sure their puppies go to suitable homes. They should ask about your experience with dogs, living situation, and intentions for the puppy.

Consider Age and Temperament

Think about whether you want a young puppy or older dog. Puppies require more time, attention, and patience for house training and socialization. Older dogs may have more training and life experiences. Discuss the parents’ temperaments to get a sense of potential traits in a puppy. Some may be more active or laid back. Choose a puppy or dog with an energy level and temperament that matches what you want in a companion.

With time and care in your search, you’ll find an American Bulldog Shepherd Mix puppy from a responsible breeder or adoptable dog from a shelter to bring home. These playful and devoted mixed breed dogs can make wonderful lifelong friends.


  • So there you have it – the American Bulldog and Shepherd mix is one lively crossbreed!
  • With high energy and intelligence paired with protectiveness and loyalty, these pups will keep you on your toes.
  • Their somewhat stubborn nature means they need a confident owner who can provide structure, training, and lots of activity.
  • But for an active person or family looking for an affectionate and devoted adventure buddy, the American Bulldog Shepherd mix might just make the perfect pet.
  • Just be ready for this hybrid hound to demand plenty of playtime and quality time with their favorite humans!
  • At the end of the day, these dogs aim to please and will reward you with endless love and entertainment if you put in the effort to understand their needs.

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